Faculty and Staff Directory

Our physics faculty members are teacher-scholars

An academic department is only as good as its faculty. The physics department is more than computers and experimental equipment. We are dedicated individuals who are vitally interested in the success of their students and who work together to achieve their common goals. You'll find Physics faculty working closely with individual students and student organizations.

We share a commitment to high quality teaching and academic advisement. 

Dr. Shashi Kanbur - Department Chair
Office:  294A Shineman
Phone:  315-312-2388
Email:  shashi.kanbur@oswego.edu

Ms. Deborah J. Haynes - Department Secretary
Office:  294 Shineman 
Office Hours:  8:00-11:45 Monday - Friday
Phone:  315-312-3044
Email:  physics@oswego.edu

Dr. Anne Caraley - Full Time Faculty
Office:  258 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-2681
Email:  anne.caraley@oswego.edu
Webpage:  http://www.oswego.edu/~caraley/

Kent Dristle - Adjunct Faculty
Office:  292 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-3057
Email:  kent.dristle@oswego.edu
Webpage:  http://www.oswego.edu/~dristle/

Brian Familo
Office:  294 Shineman Center
Email: brian.familo@oswego.edu

Dr. Carolina Ilie - Full Time Faculty
Office:  254 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-5751
Email:  carolina.ilie@oswego.edu
Webpage:  http://www.oswego.edu/~ilie/

Dr. Mohammad Islam - Full Time Faculty
Office:  237 Shineman
Phone:  315-312-2878
Email: mohammad.islam@oswego.edu

Dr. Shashi Kanbur - Full Time Faculty
Office 252 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-2679
Email:  shashi.kanbur@oswego.edu
Webpage:  http://www.oswego.edu/~kanbur/

Dr. Alok Kumar - Full Time Faculty
Office:  256 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-2695
Email:  alok.kumar@oswego.edu
Webpage:  https://sites.google.com/a/oswego.edu/kumar/

K. Eric Mauser - Adjunct Faculty
Office:  292 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-3091
Email:  kenneth.mauser@oswego.edu

Thomas McCaffrey - Adjunct Faculty
Office:  292 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-2962
Email:  Thomas.mccaffrey@oswego.edu

Dr. Scott Roby
Office:  239 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-2790
Email:  scott.roby@oswego.edu

John Rusho - Adjunct Faculty
Office:  292 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-2803
Email:  john.rusho@oswego.edu

Dr. Ildar Sabirianov
Office:  255 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-3064
Email:  ildar.sabirianov@oswego.edu

Bruce Zellar - Technical Specialist
Office:  283 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-2682
Email:  bruce.zellar@oswego.edu

Dr. John Zielinski - Visiting Professor
Office:  293 Shineman Center
Phone:  315-312-2680
Email:  john.zielinski@oswego.edu


Dr. Ronald Brown

Dr. Ram Chaudhari

Roger Hinrichs

Paul Liebenauer

Dr. Dale Zych