Philosophy Department

Faculty and Staff


Robert Card, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Web Site -
Specializations: Ethical Theory, Biomedical Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Business Ethics, Philosophy and Public Policy.
Selected publications:

  • (2011) "Conscientious Objection, Emergency Contraception, and Public Policy."  Journal of Medicine and Philosophy  36: 53-68
  • (2009) "Federal Provider Conscience Regulation: Unconscionable."  Journal of Medical Ethics  35:471-472
  • (2007) Inconsistency and the Theoretical Commitments of Rule-Consequentialism."  Utilitas  19: 243-258
  • (2007) "Conscientious Objection and Emergency Contraception."  American Journal of Bioethics, 7 (6): 8-14
  • (2005) "Individual Responsibility Within Organizational Contexts." The Journal of Business Ethics, 62 (4): 397-405.
  • (2004) "Consequentialism, Teleology, and the New Friendship Critique." Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 85: 149-172.
  • (2000) "Infanticide and the Liberal View on Abortion." Bioethics 14 (4): 340-351.[With a response by Mary Anne Warren, "A Response to Robert Card," Bioethics 14 (4): 352-359]

Jean Chambers, Ph.D.Brown University. (Philosophy Major/Minor Advisement Coordinator) (
Specializations: Ethics, Social Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Philosophical Issues of Feminism.
Selected publications:

  • (2003) "Women's Right to Choose Rationally: Genetic Information, Embryo Selection, and Genetic Manipulation," Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 12 (4).
  • (2001) "A Cybernetic Theory of Morality and Moral Autonomy," Science and Engineering Ethics, 7 (2).
  • (2001) "May a Woman Clone Herself?" Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 10 (2).

Craig DeLancey Ph.D. Indiana University. (Chairperson) (Web Site -
Specialization: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Science.
Selected publications:

  • (2006) "Ontology and Teleofunctions: A Defense and Revision of the Systematic Account of Teleofunctions." Synthese, 150 (1): 69-98.
  • (2006) "Action, The Scientific World View, and Being-in-the-World." In A Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism (Blackwell Companions in Philosophy). Hubert Dreyfus and Mark Wrathall, editors. New York: Blackwell.
  • (2005) "On Emotions and the Explanation of Behavior," with Adam Kovach. Nous, 39 (1): 106-122.

K. Brad Wray. Ph.D. University of Western Ontario.  (
Specializations: Philosophy of Science, Epistemology and Science Studies, especially the social epistemology of science, Thomas Kuhn, anti-realism, and collective intentionality.
Selected publications:

  • (2013) "Social Epistemology," in Martin Curd and Stathis Psillos, (eds.), Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Science, Second edition.  New York: Routledge, pages 112-119
  • (2013) "Success and Truth in the Realism/Anti-realism Debate," Synthese, 190:9, 1719-1729
  • (2012) "Epistemic Privilege and the Success of Science," Nous, 46:3, 375-385
  • (2011) Kuhn's Evolutionary Social EpistemologyCambridge University Press.
  • (2007) "Who has Scientific Knowledge?" Social Epistemology, 21: 3, 337-347
  • (2006) "Scientific Authorship in the Age of Collaborative Research," Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 37:3, 505-514.
  • (2002) "The Epistemic Significance of Collaborative Research," Philosophy of Science, Vol. 69: (1), 150-168.
  • (2001) "Collective Belief and Acceptance," Synthese, Vol. 129: (3), 319-333.

Mark Zelcer, Ph.D.  CUNY Graduate Center  (Website -
Specializations:  Philosophy of Science, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics 
Selected Publications:

  • (2015)  (With Nickolas Pappas) "Politics and Philosophy in Plato's Menexenus," (Routledge).
  • (2013)  (With Leib Litman)  "A Cognitive Science Dual-Systems Approach to the Sorites Paradox."  Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 25 (3); 355-366.
  • (2013)  "Against Mathematical Explanation."  Journal for General Philosophy of Science, 44 (1); 173-192.
  • (2012)  "Ethics for the Weekends: The Case of Reservists."  Journal of Military Ethics; 11 (4).
  • (2011)  "A. A. Fraenkel's Philosophy of Religion: A translation of 'Beliefs and Opinions in Light of the Natural Sciences.'"  Hakirah, Vol 12; Fall 2011; 209-23.


Richard Cocks, Ph. D. University of Cincinnati. (
Specializations: History of Philosophy, Ethics
Selected publications:

David Horacek, Ph.D. candidate, Syracuse University. (
Specializations: Metaphysics, Epistemology.

David Lambie, Ph.D. University of Connecticut.  (
Specializations:  Ethics

William Mott, Ph.D. candidate, Syracuse University. (
Specializations: Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Theory of Knowledge.

Lori Nash, M.A. University of Toronto.  (
Specializations: History of Modern Philosophy, The Philosophy of Aristotle


Rodney P. Byrne, Ph.D.
Specializations: Philosophy of Science, History of Science

Robert D. Carnes, Ph.D.
Specializations: Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind

Charles Echelbarger, Ph.D.
Specializations: History of Modern and Recent Philosophy, Contemporary Metaphysics



Philosophy Faculty

Robert Card, Jean Chambers, Lori Nash, Charles Echelbarger, Brad Wray, and Craig DeLancey.