Program Information

Competence in Spanish in today's pluralistic society is an asset and a marketable skill that will likely increase students' employment opportunities in the national and international job market. The Spanish major is structured to give students a thorough and practical command of speaking, reading and writing necessary to contribute and compete in the professional world.

Available in the Spanish curriculum are beginning courses, open to all students, but designed especially for students majoring in public justice, business and international trade and/or contemplating careers in social service. The conversational approach is emphasized and special attention is placed on vocabulary related to these fields of employment. Upon completion of these courses, students may continue their Spanish training in regular courses offered in the department.

Spanish majors are encouraged to pursue an overseas academic program in Spain, Latin America or Puerto Rico. This educational experience has had a meaningful and valuable impact on many of its participants.

In the SUNY Puerto Rico Program, sponsored by the Oswego campus, students may enroll in any academic course that they so desire or need (for example, business, history, sociology, etc.) thereby continuing their prescribed program of study as well as reaping the benefits of a new culture and increasing their Spanish fluency.

Many of the Spanish majors pursue a double major, such as Spanish and business, or Spanish and economics, Spanish and psychology, etc.  This combination has proven to be most rewarding in the areas of professional opportunities.

Another way to combine Spanish with other fields is by taking a Spanish minor.  For many students, a Spanish minor is an excellent complement to their major field of study, and enhances their opportunities for employment or graduate study.

The Department has been successful in placing graduates in some of the best graduate schools and many of these students have obtained financial aid in the forms of teaching assistantships or fellowships.