Program Information

German majors at Oswego have combined their language background with courses in economics. international trade, business administration and communication studies, among other areas, and have been successful in finding employment in such diverse areas as the teaching profession, international business and trade, governmental agencies, and in the travel and tourist industries.
The German major is designed to give students a thorough mastery of speaking, aural comprehension. reading, and writing skills in the German language and a broad background in German literature and culture. The department offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced language courses and several culture courses (phonology, morphology and syntax, and history of the German language). Literature courses, which are conducted entirely in German, cover the major periods from the Middle Ages to the present as well as specific genres and areas such as the German ballad  and Austrian literature.
Many German majors and some non-majors spend a year studying abroad through several  overseas programs with German and Austrian universities. There are exchanges between Oswego and the University of  Leipzig, the University of Osnabrück and the University of Graz.  The German exchange students on the Oswego campus participate  in German Club activities where they are an excellent source of firsthand information on German culture as well as convenient and congenial partners for conversation in German.
For those who wish to continue their study, leading graduate schools regularly have offered our majors substantial financial aid upon their completion of studies at Oswego.