Les activités des étudiants de français

Permanent Activities
 - La Table Francaise - Monday, 3:30-4:30, 242 Campus Center
 - Franch Language Movies Series - see campus events calendar

 - The French Forum  - it celebrates the National french Week and takes plave every November. The recipients of the MLL French scholarship are announced every fall at the French Forum.

Fall 2011
French Forum, 2nd Annual Edition
Wednesday, November 9, 4-5pm, 255 Campus Center
Schnaider Polynice: Surrealist Cinema: Luis Buñuel's (R)Evolution
Sophia Behumoglu: Representations of Poetic Realism in French Cinema
Lauren Clark: Choderlos de Laclos: Dangerous Liaisons & the epistolary novel
Shannon Watson: Guillaume Apollinaire, "Le Pont Mirabeau"
James Gilligan: Gazon Maudit & Ménage: Gender Transformations in French Cinema
Joey Perez: La Nouvelle Vague: The Making of a Myth
Emma Kinna: Paris-ite: My Semester Abroad in the City of Lights
Kelsey Labbé: Trompette performance of a French Classical Piece
The MLL French Award & Margaret C. Nation Scholarship nominees will be announced.

Fall 2010
French Forum, 1st Edition
Wednesday, November 10
MLL French Scholarships Ceremony
Colleen Hamel: The Educational System in Contemporary France
Eva Siskowski:  Representations of the Human Body in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
Nicole Westerbeck: "French women are exhausted" from The New York Times 

Friday, November 12
James Gilligan:  Desire and Masculinity in Lanval
Lauren Clark:  Rabelais and Montaigne: Educational Ideals and the Spirit of the French Renaissance
Emma Kinna: "Sixty Million Frenchmen can't be wrong": A look at French Culture
Virginia Joseph: La Chanson de Roland: War, Religion and Manhood

Printemps 2010
Quest 2010: The Francophone World-History, Politics, Literature
1. Georgia Anderson: Women Warriors in Pre-colonial Africa: The Amazons of Dahomey
2. Olivier Rutagarama: Death Rituals and Afterlife Beliefs in Animistic African Cultures
3. Virginia Joseph: Faces of Islam – The Role of Women in Colonial and Postcolonial Islamic Societies
4. Stewart Smith: The King-Gods of Dahomey
5. Miranda Cairns: Indochina Between Fiction and Reality

Automne 2009:
French Language Movies
  Sept. 30, 6h30pm, 104 Lanigan: A Bout de Souffle (Jean Luc Goddard)
  Oct. 14, 6h30pm, 118 Campus Ctr: Amelie (Jean Pierre Jeunet)
  Nov. 4, 6h30pm, 104 Lanigan: Le Dernier Metro (Francois Truffaut)
  Dec. 2, 6h30pm, 118 Campus Ctr: Persepolis (V. Paronnaud, M. Satrapi)

Hart Hall  Global Awareness Conference Panel :
"Thought for the Future: French Contributions to the (Post)Modern Age"
 Sara Roggie: Impressionism/Neo-Impressionism - Challenging the Norms (Presentation)
 Valentina Capone: Expressionism/Neo-Expressionism - Windows to Renewal (Poster)
 Jason Pecori: The Absurd: A Crisis of Spirituality (Presentation)
 Virginia Joseph: Fauvism and - Change of Vision in the 20th Century France (Poster)
 Danielle Anastasia: The French Revolution: a Mirror into the Modern World (Presentation)
 Georgia Anderson: Faces of French Humanism (Presentation)
 Andrew Wright: Cubism - A Break with Tradition (Presentation)

Sortie: Oswego Tea Company, Novembre 6, 6-8pm

Oswego Area Events:
Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse - French Painting Exhibit "Turner to Cesanne..."
October 9, 2009 - January 3, 2010

Printemps 2009 :
• Quest : Horizons français, passé et présent, April 22
• French Honor Society : Relay for Life

Evénements passés :
• Présentations par Dr. Jeanine Teodorescu et Laura Pouloski (2003)
• Sortie à Canal Commons Cafe (2005)
• Diner avec le Ministre de L’Education du Bénin, le Ministre-Adjoint et l’inspecteur des écoles primaires (2005)
• Voyage à Montréal, Automne 2006
• Voyage à Montréal, Automne 2007

Activités avec le Département de Langues Modernes :
- Meet the Faculty, Septembre 9, 2008
- Graduate Schools Open Discussion Session (2007)
- Career Information Day (2006, 2007, 2008)