Mathematics Department Seminar

Our departmental seminar meets on (some) Tuesdays at 2:30. Many of the talks are accessible to students. Please e-mail Ampalavanar Nanthakumar if you want to receive announcements about the upcoming talks.

Fall 2013

Dec 3, 130 Shineman: Student capstone presentations
Kyle Buscaglia & Sean Crowder: Hidden Markov Chain in Ice-hockey
Laura Murtha: Building a Foundation for Calculus
Nicholas Powers: The Use of Mathematics in Nuclear Physics
Jacob Gallagher : Linear Fractional Transformations in the Complex Plane
Sam DiSalvo - Internship

Nov 12, 130 Shineman
Marcia Burrell: Effectivenenss of online courses

Nov 5, 130 Shineman
Ampalavanar Nanthakumar and Erika Wilson: Copula Models for Cepheid Period- Luminosity Relationship

Oct 22, 130 Shineman
Shashi Kanbur:  Bayesian Methods in Astrophysics

Sep 24, 130 Shineman
Christopher Baltus: A proof of "The Most Marvelous Theorem in Mathematics." 

Here is the list of the talks during the year 2012/13:

Fall 2012

Pat Halpin, Dirichlet's Theorem or How I spent my summer vacation
Kubrom Teka: Nondivergence form Elliptic obstacle problem
Jeremy Berquist: Smoothness and Regular Local Rings
Victor Protsak: Representation theory of GL(n)
Mark Elmer: Euler's Amazing Recursion
Ampalavanar Nanthakumar: Comparing Classical Calculus with Stochastic Calculus
Jeremy Berquist: The Current State of Algebraic Geometry
Student presentations:
Jessica Krebs (Nanthakumar): Cleaning Lake Ontario
Robert Wimler (Preston): Minimizing Variance with Asset Allocation
Katlyn Smegelsky (Nanthakumar): The Use of Waiting Line Models to Calculate Queue   Waiting Times
Matthew Worden (Mosbo): Game Theory
Luis Rodriguez (Elmer): Mathematics and Automation in the Dairy Industry
Brendan Carter (Berquist): Origami and Mathematics

Spring 2013

Victor Protsak, "Mathematics on the Internet
Zohra Manseur, "The algebra of metrons
Kubrom Teka: Hilbert's 19th Problem
Terry Tiballi: Advisement and registration workshop
Ampalavanar Nanthakumar: The Hidden Markov Model for the Weather Analysis
Darren Narayan, RIT: Fibonacci Numbers and Determinants
Roger Howe, Yale:  "Symmetry: More than Pretty Pictures" and  "Problematics of Functions in the K - 12 Curriculum"
Victor Protsak: Sierpinski triangle and its cousins
Student presentations:
Justin Ford:  The Black-Scholes Model: the PDE Approach
Erika Wilson: Image Restoration and Wiener's Filtering
Rebecca Tango:  My Internship Experience
Nathan Hemmes:  7 Degrees of Freedom in 3 Dimensional Space
Kaitlyn Lefeve:  Predicting First Semester Calculus Performances
Justin Ford:  Insolvability of the Quintic
Mike Edinger:  Basics of Statistical Genetics