Terry Tiballi

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Advisement Coordinator for the Mathematics Department
AB  Colgate University
MAT  Colgate University
MS  University of Vermont
PhD  University of Houston
Dissertation Title:  Symmetric Orthogonalization of Vectors in Hilbert Space
Courses taught at SUNY Oswego:
Mat 102 Foundations of Mathematics in the Real World
Mat 104 College Algebra
Mat 106 Number Systems & Operations
Mat 120  Precalculus
Mat 206  Introduction to Geometry and Probability
Mat 208 Mathematical Applications for Business & Management
Mat 210 Calculus I
Mat 215 Discrete Mathematics
Mat 220 Calculus II
Mat 230 Matrix Algebra
Mat 240 Multivariable Calculus
Mat 306 Techniques of Problem Solving
Mat 307 Fundamentals of Geometry
Mat 330 Introduction to Algebra
Mat 347 Analysis A
Mat 348 Ordinary Differential Equations
Mat 350 Introduction to Probability Theory
Mat 442 Complex Analysis
Mat 447 Analysis B
I have also given independent studies in real analysis and topology.
Other interests:
In the 1960's I was lead guitarist in a popular band and still enjoy playing.  In many ways I am still living in the sixties.  (See the wall mural of the Beatles in my office.) 
In December I am often mistaken for my "twin", Santa Claus.
Spring 2011 Office Hours:  MWF 11:30-12:30
                                       TuTh  11:00-12:00