Maggie Tiballi

Professional Experience:  I have taught at Oswego for 17 years.  Although I have taught many different math courses, I "specialize" in courses for Childhood Education majors.  If you are a Childhood Education major, you will probably meet me when you take the Childhood Education Mathematics Proficiency Exam in order to get into those Childhood Ed math courses.  For more information on this exam, follow the link.
Education:  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Houston and a Master of Science in Mathematics Education from Syracuse University.
Personal:  I am a native Texan, married (to Santa Claus, also in the math department) with three grown children and a grandchild on the way.  I enjoy reading, painting (both art and interiors), and anything that requires creativity and ingenuity.  I've never been known to allow lack of knowledge or experience to stop me from trying just about anything.  Last summer, I learned to "mud" drywall by googling it on the internet!  In class, I am often described as "tough but fair."  My all-time favorite student evaluation (that is printable on a school website) is:  "Maggie Tiballi - a sweetheart and a drill sergeant."
Contact Information:
Office:  311 Snygg
Phone:  315-312-2759
Spring 2011 Office Hours:  MWF 11:30 - 12:30, other times by appointment