Christopher Baltus


University of Colorado, Boulder  l979-84.  MA, PhD, Mathematics                      
PhD Thesis:  Limit-periodic continued fractions: value regions and truncation error bounds.    
Advisor:  William B. Jones.        

University of Chicago,  l972-73.  MAT Mathematics    

Fordham University, Bronx NY  l966-70.  BA, History

Research interests: History of Mathematics, Continued Fractions, Geometry, Secondary Mathematics Education

Selected recent publications:
Notes on Euler's Continued Fractions (.pdf, 146 KB)
Euler: Continued Fractions and Divergent Series (and Nicholas Bernoulli) (.pdf, 106 KB)

Vita (.doc, 49 KB)

La Hire: Central Collineations in 1673

La Hire Central Collineations in 1673