Sustainability Studies Program

Faculty Members

Sustainability Studies Members:

Sustainability Studies is an interdisciplinary program, with faculty members from various departments on campus teaching approved courses.  The program is coordinated by the Sustainability Governing Board, which consists of representatives from participating academic departments.  

Advisement Coordinator:
Dr. Lisa Glidden 439 Mahar
Dr. Judith Belt Technology
Dr. Lisa Glidden Political Science
Dr. Thomas Kubicki Technology
Dr. Steve Saraydar Anthropology
Dr. Jeffery Schneider Chemistry
Dr. David Valentino Geology
Dr. Rick Back Biological Sciences
Dr. Robert Ballentine Meteorology
Dr. John Belt Technology
Dr. Kestas Bendinskas Chemistry
Dr. Graham Bradley Earth Sciences
Dr. Tim Delaney Sociology
Dr. Glenn Graham Economics
Dr. Eric Hellquist Biological Sciences
Dr. Alok Kumar Physics
Dr. Ampalavanar Nanthakumar Mathematics
Ms. Kirsten Parsons Biological Sciences
Dr. David Sargent Psychology