Sustainability Studies Minor


The minor encompasses the interactions of social policy, social equity, scientific principles, and environmental stewardship.  By approaching these complex issues from a comprehensive perspective important societal challenges such as the interplay between climate change and poverty or resource use and prosperity, can be addressed and solutions proposed.  Our goal is to engage our students in a dynamic, interdisciplinary learning experience, and to enhance the employment opportunities of its graduates in the fast growing environmental and sustainability industries.

Sustainability Studies Minor (21 cr)

A.     Core Requirements (9 credits)

SUS 115    Economic & Political Foundations of  Sustainability

GEO 115   Environmental Sustainability

     and one of the following:

BIO 200    Environmental and Population Biology
ANT 331  Digging Up the Past: Humans and the  Environment Through the Ages
PHY 205  Energy and the Environment

B. Elective Requirements (12 credits)*
Choose 4 courses from below under advisement: 

BIO 363                  Great Lakes Environmental Issues
BIO 400                  Current Issues in Environmental and Population Biology
CHE 300                  Environmental Science
CHE 473                  Environmental Chemistry
ECO 390                  Environmental Economics
GEO 315                  Earth's Fury
MAT 379   Environmental Statistics
MET 315                  Weather Disasters
POL 347                   Politics of Development
POL 387                   Global Environmental Politics
POL 409 / PHY 475     Comparative Energy Policy
HDV 376                   Sustainability and Human Behavior
SOC 369                   Environmental Sustainability
TED 310                   Technology and Civilization
TEL 355                    Energy and Power Technology
TEL 401                    Architectural Drawing
TEL 415                    Residential Energy Technology

 * An internship or independent project can be substituted for three credits of electives with approval of the Coordinator for the Sustainability Studies Minor.