Science Today Lecture Series

The Science Today lecture series brings together top names and developments from throughout the sciences, while also showing how the different avenues of science intersect. The weekly seminar series on current topics in the sciences, mathematics and engineering, is designed for general audiences.

Click here for the spring 2009 seminar schedule  (.pdf, 22 kB).

Click here for a list of presentations from fall 2008 (.pdf, 22 kB).

Click here for a list of presentations from spring 2008 (.pdf, 22 kB).

Click here for a list of presentations from fall 2007 (.pdf, 21 kB).

Presentations are sponsored by the Science Planning Committee, the College of Liberal Arts and Science, the Women's Studies Program, and the Sigma Xi Chapter at SUNY Oswego.

Please e-mail Neil Gostling if you have any questions or recommendations.

Mission Statement for the Facilities for the Natural Sciences, Computer Science, and Mathematics:
   The science programs will meet the 21st century challenges of preparing scientists, leaders and citizens to be literate in the methods and means of the sciences, applied sciences and related fields. The programs will feature traditional disciplines and interdisciplinary clusters that promote a culture of collaboration and undergraduate involvement in scientific research. The facilities will extend and complement the east-west corridor on campus, providing a physical connection and promoting programmatic connections between the sciences and other disciplines.
   The architecture will display the results and consequences of scientific activity, use environmentally sustainable systems and materials, and promote regional engagement through spaces that support a variety of campus and community events and collaborative works. The buildings will provide state-of-the-art classrooms, teaching and research laboratories and spaces for informal interactions within a design that accentuates visibility of academic and research activities. The sciences complex will be an open and appealing venue that will invite all students, faculty, and the broader community to understand scientific methodologies and technological applications and to develop the curious and critical spirit that is necessary for innovation in a global environment.