Pre-MD Recommended Courses

The Association of American Medical Colleges recommends that all students interested in pre-med and medical school should take :

  • One year of Biology
  • One year of Physics
  • Two years of Chemistry (through Organic Chemistry)
  • One year of English

Here at Oswego these courses would be:

  • BIO 120 and an  upper level BIO course, preferably Plant Kingdom or Animal Kingdom
  • PHY111 and PHY 212
  • CHE 111 and CHE 212 (General Chemistry)
  • CHE 331 and CHE 332 (Organic Chemistry)
  • ENG 102 (composition) and either ENG 203, Eng 204, Eng 302, or Eng 304 

Additionally, biochemistry (Che 461), calculus (mat 210), statistics (Mat 158, Mat 179, or Psy 280), sociology (Soc 100), and ssychology (Psy 100) are recommended and occasionally required.

These courses form the foundational knowledge for taking the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT).

Students interested in a medical career should also have a well-rounded undergraduate academic career, including volunteer and/or internship experience.  For these experiences, medical schools look for:   “length of time, depth of experience, lessons learned…active participation” (p. 13, Medical School Admissions Requirements, United States and Canada, 2004-2005).