Peace and Conflict Studies Minor


The Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) minor at SUNY Oswego offers an interdisciplinary perspective on issues of peace and conflict. It explores the causes and consequences of various forms of conflict, as well as the means for constructively addressing conflict, with a focus on nonviolent approaches.

The PCS minor, open to all interested undergraduates at SUNY Oswego, is intended to help students recognize, evaluate, and effectively address a range of conceptual and practical issues associated with peace and conflict in today’s world. Upon completion of the required coursework, students should be able to:

  • employ analytical tools commonly used to study peace and conflict
  • discuss causes of war and strategies for reducing or eliminating war
  • understand the nature and dynamics of conflict at various levels of analysis
  • identify conflict reduction strategies and conflict resolution mechanisms

The minor requires 21 semester hours of coursework. At least 12 of the required 21 hours must be upper-division credit and no more than 9 credit hours can be taken in any one department. For more information, review the PCS minor requirements or contact the PCS program coordinator.