Native American Studies

In 1972, SUNY Oswego became one of the first institutions in the State University of New York to offer a program in Native American Studies. The program comprises courses covering a broad range of topics and disciplines, faculty with specific academic training in Native studies, services to Native students, and special programming on campus that highlights Native cultures and issues.

The program offers a 24-semester-hour minor in Native American Studies. Students take a core curriculum for 12 semester hours and, in consultation with a faculty advisor, select 12 semester hours of electives. The minor provides a solid foundation in the areas of Native American culture, history, literature and contemporary issues and is sufficiently flexible to accomodate the specific interests of each student. It is especially recommended for students who are considering pursuing Native issues in graduate school and for education majors who plan to teach the New York State curriculum on Native Americans.

Students interested in pursuing the minor in Native American Studies should consult with the program director, Dr. Stephen Saraydar (307A Mahar, E-mail: