Cognitive Science Video Hour

Sponsored by the Cognitive Science Program, the Cognitive Science Video Hour is an activity that is designed to bring together students and faculty interested in the scientific interdisciplinary study of the mind for the purpose of viewing videos that relate to cognitive science. The video hour is intended to serve as an informal mechanism for establishing common ground among students and faculty who are interested in the study of the mind. This common ground, together with provocative questions that surely will emerge from the video presentations, will promote discussions of substance among the participants. While much of the hour will be devoted to actually watching videos, at least some of the hour will be reserved for discussion about ideas pertaining to the videos that are presented.


Fall 2013 Schedule

Please click on each Cognitive Science Video Hour event link that you wish to attend.  PLEASE NOTE - Seating is limited. 
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Previous Events

Take a look at our previous events:
  • 11/7/13 - Theme:  Memory
  • 10/10/13 - Theme:  Ideas

  • 9/12/13 - Theme:  Technology and Culture

  • 4/11/13 - Topic:  The Blank Slate, Featured Presenter:  Steven Pinker

  • 3/14/13 - Topic:  Evolutionary Origins of Art and Aesthetics, Freatured Presenter:  Jean Pierre- Changuex and Vilayanur Ramachandran

  • 2/14/13 - Topic:  Synesthesia, Featured Presenter:  Richard Cytowik