Tracks and Courses

Tracks and Courses

Part of what makes the program special is the interdisciplinary collaboration between the departments of Art, Communications Studies and Computer Science at SUNY Oswego. You can choose a track to specialize in a leading-edge area such as:

  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Web and Interactive Media
  • Audio or Video for the Web
  • Digital Broadcast Journalism
  • Online and Social Media Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Mobile App Design

Available courses include:

CMA 600 - Integrated Media and Design
Survey of the many ways media is used to convey information, provide entertainment or instruction. The course will survey the technological state of the media, design factors, along with the social, economic and political implications of a rich media landscape. Prerequisite: Students must possess a BA, BS or BFA in art, design, communications, media, marketing, education, computer science, music, theatre, psychology or instructional design.

CMA 601 - Special Projects in Integrated Media and Design
This course is design to allow students from various media-related disciplines to explore cooperatively new interactive paradigms for communication and artistic expression made possible by new and emerging technologies. The ultimate goal of the class is to produce a set of finished projects that will be presented to faculty in the Integrated Media Certificate program.

BRC 520 - Technology and Culture
An introduction to theoretical frameworks for understanding how technology shapes and is mutually shaped by ways of thinking about the self and the world. The course also looks at how artists, feminists and non-Western thinkers have provided alternative models for thinking about technology and culture.

BRC 521 - Social Networks and the Web
This course takes a critical look at the phenomenon of online networks, how they come into being, and what impact they have on social behavior. The course includes a review of social network theories and an exploration of issues of control, participation, and production as they relate to networks.

BRC 522 - Videogame Theory and Analysis
An interdisciplinary look at videogames, exploring the social, cultural, technological and economic dimensions of the medium. The course will provide students (through play and analysis) with a framework for studying videogames as cultural texts that can serve as entertainment, art, and learning tools.

HCI 500 - Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
This course introduces user-centered design and explores the design of computer interfaces that are based on the abilities, limitations, and goals of the users. The principles underlying usable interface design and the basic steps of interactive design will be discussed in this course.

ART 509 - Graduate Multimedia
Study and studio experience at the graduate level in planning and producing computer assisted visually driven multimedia messages. Emphasis is placed on the creative use of electronic presentation systems.

ART 513 - Graduate Digital Illustration
Studio course dealing with the study and practice at the graduate level of digital illustration. Emphasis is placed on the creative use of digital technologies and microcomputer applications in the creation of illustrative imagery. Presentation of original work is required.


The regular program cycle starts fall, although it is possible to begin in spring (although in this case, it might take more than a year to complete the program).

Fall semester

    • CMA 600 Integrated Media Theory and Design 
    • BRC 520 Technology and Culture 3. Production Track Elective

Spring semester

    • CMA 601 Integrated Media Projects (1.5 credits)
    • BRC 521 Social Networks and the Web
    • Production Track Elective

Production Electives (Discuss with your advisor to design a track):

    • ART 509 Graduate Digital Multi-media ART 517 Graduate Web Design
    • BRC 328 Media Copywriting (in conjunction with independent study)
    • BRC 345 Sports Broadcasting (in conjunction with independent study)
    • BRC 309 Multi-Track Recording and Mixing (in conjunction with independent study)
    • BRC 445 - Advanced TV Production(in conjunction with independent study)
    • COM 315 Design & Layout For Media (in conjunction with independent study)
    • HCI 500 Intro Human Computer Interaction
    • Other courses in Art, Broadcasting, Communication or Computer Science under advisement
Learning Style

Many are hybrid courses, which combine the personal interaction of face-to-face courses with the time and location convenience of online delivery of course content. Some online-only options are also available.

Location/time of classes

At the moment, most classes take place at our main lakeshore campus. However, some courses can be completed online through distance learning.