Human Development

The BA program in Human Development focuses on the human lifespan (infancy to old age) from many lenses, such as psychological, biological, cultural, and social.   The Human Development major prepares students for a wide variety of careers, such as in Counseling, Social Work, Communications, Education, Business, Wellness Management, etc. HDV uses a multi-disciplinary approach, which means that it pulls from several different subject areas (Sociology, Gerontology, Counseling and Psychological Services, Communication, Public Justice, Anthropology, Psychology, Health Science, etc.) in order to give students a well-rounded education to be very knowledgeable in and marketable for many different fields.

Students who major in Human Development will design a multi-disciplinary learning agreement that provides them with information from related disciplines relevant to their particular interests.  This gives students the freedom to tailor their major to their personal passions and career paths.  All Human Development students will also be required to complete two semesters of field placements; one internship will be on campus, and the other will be at an off campus site which will be done in conjunction with their final Capstone class.   These internships give students opportunities to explore different areas of potential interest, develop strong leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, make connections for their futures, and to become proficient in research, Program Planning, and Program Evaluation as well.

2011 Chancellor's Awards  to Human Development Seniors - from left to right: 
Elizabeth Crowley (nominee), Kaitlyn Miano (nominee), and Courtney Lupton (winner)