Adjunct Faculty Department of Health Promotion and Wellness

Adjunct Faculty

Albro, Cynthia
HSC 343 Drug Use and Abuse in Society

Barker, Ryan
HSc 334 Kinesiology

Bruno, Tracy
PED 325 Women and Sport

Fitzsimmons, Elise
CPR/First Aid

Friske, Robert
PED 215 Concepts, Theory & Problems of Athletic Coaching

Fulsaas, Gary
HSC 243 Standard First Aid & CPR

Gosek , Edward
PED 322 Ice Hockey Coaching Techniques

Holman, Michael
PED 210 Lifesaving ( Red Cross)

Keenan, Sandra
HSC 101 Introduction to Health Promotion and Wellness

Leone, Jason
PED 215 Concepts, Theory & Problems of Athletic Coaching
PED 317 Basketball Coaching Techniques

Licatese, Anthony
HSC 315 Nutrition Concepts

Martin, Ryan
PED 324 Men's Lacrosse Coaching Techniques
PED 326 Tactical and Coaching Concepts of Lacrosse

McGrane, Brian
PED 319 Soccer Coaching Techniques

Miller, David
PEd 137 Self Defense for Women

Mirabito, Mark
HSC 315 Nutrition Concepts
HSC 343 Drug Use and Abuse in Society

Murray, Mark
HSC 300 EMT Emergency Medical Technician

Nojan, Mehran
PED 399 Peru -Machu Picchu short course

O'Connell, Jefferson
PED 290 Volleyball
PED 295 Life Skills

Oldenburg, Diane
HSC 333 Human Response to Stress

Papay, Stephen
PED 340 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

Quirk, Michael
HSC 241 Critical Health Issues
HSC 386 Wellness in Contemporary Living

Sloan, Michelle
HSC 250 Concepts of Peer Health Education

Wallace, Brian
HSC 332 Scientific Foundations of Fitness

Weber, Gary
PED 225 Underwater Diving (SCUBA)
PED 226 Advanced Open Water Diving

Wilkins-Mitchell, Cheryl
DNC 201 Modern Dance I
DNC 202 Modern Dance II
DNC 204 Jazz Dance I
DNC 206 Jazz Dance II

Witmer Sue 
PED 295 Life Skills