Why Study History at Oswego?

You’ll work with great teachers. The faculty includes widely published scholars, Distinguished Teaching Professor Geraldine Forbes, and other seasoned historians. Contact our faculty.

You’ll get experience.
Department courses stress the importance of disciplined methods of inquiry and interpretation, as well as empathy and imagination. The challenge of understanding other peoples, places, and times enriches all who are willing to embrace it and provides students with a background suitable for many kinds of History-related careers. You can even study abroad, combine studies with American Studies, Global and International Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Women's Studies, Native American Studies, or become a Social Studies teacher.

You’ll be ready for your next step.
With great faculty, advising, interdisciplinary programs, overseas and internship opportunities, you’ll be well prepared for your future. You might even follow in the footsteps of our accomplished alumni, like Reverend Doctor E. Catherine Salisbury, recipient of her MSED in 1973, history teacher, minister, and author at 88. Or, perhaps you’ll be ready to blaze a new trail.