Mark Kulikowski, Associate Professor

PhD., MA, BA, SUNY Binghamton 1982

Modern Russian history
U.S. Diplomatic history

Courses taught:
Western Civilization I & II
Western Heritage I & II
Russia to 1917
20th Century Russia
Russian Revolution Seminar
Stalin and the Soviet Union Seminar
20th Century American Foreign Policy
America's Vietnam War

Significant publications:
1989, A Bibliography of Slavic Mythology. Columbus: Slavica Publishers,.

Recent articles:

"In the Mainstream: Russian Emigre Bibliography Since 1917," Solanus, new series, 21 (2007), pp 76-86. 

"A Bibliography on Polish Americans, 2006-2010," Polish American Studies, 70 (2013), no.1, pp. 57-72

"The Unfinished Journey: The Bibliography of Russian Emigre Publications Since 1917," Solanus, new series, v. 23 (2013), pp. 54-63.