Gwen Kay, Professor

PhD Yale University (History of Medicine and Science) 1997
B.A. Bowdoin College (Biology; History), 1991


History of Medicine and Science
Progressive Era America
Women's History

Courses Taught:
Honors 141: American Intellectual Heritage (F/S);
History 248 (F/S);
Honors 201: The American Experience (F --but not this fall);
His 368: American Medical Issues (S);
His 650: American History Seminar (topics to change every semester; F)

Significant Publications:

"If it did not exist, it would have to be invented":  "Home Economics in Transition at Iowa's Regents Institutions"  The Annals of Iowa, Spring 2011

Andrew Smiler, Gwen Kay and Benamin Harris, "Tightening and Loosening Masculinity's (k)Nots: Masculinity in the Hearst Press during the Interwar Period," Journal of Men's Studies 16(3): 266-279 (Fall 2008)

"Dying to be Beautiful": The Fight for Safe Cosmetics (Ohio State University Press, 2005) and winner 2005 American Nurses Association for book of the year.

"Seeing the Fair the FDA Way: The 1933 Century of Progress Exposition," Journal of Illinois History 5(3): 197-212 (Fall 2002)

"Healthy Public Relations: The FDA's 1930s Legislative Campaign": Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Fall 2001

"Beauty and Business," Enterprise and Society, 1(1).

Teaching Honors, Awards, Distinctions:

Societe Chimie d'Industrielle (American Branch) Inaugural Fellow, Chemical Heritage Foundation, 1999

Current research projects:
History of home economics education (college level), 1870-2000; bioethical questions from patient, popular and physician perspective in Upstate NY 1870-1900

Business and Professional Women's Grant, Texas Women's University Libraries (2010)
State Historical Society ofIowa Research Greant (2008)
Dean's Fellowship in the History of Home Economics, Cornell University (2008, 2006)

Joined Oswego Faculty: