Charles Itzin,

Charles Itzin- Adjunct Instructor

Charles Itizen and Billy Martin

Office Hours

321 Marano Ctr
MWF  10:15- 11:15 at the Lake Effect Caf'e or by appointment

Fall 2014 Schedule

CRW  205  800  MWF  08:00- 08:55 am      231 Marano Ctr
ENG  102  59F   MWF  09:10- 10:05 am         231 Marano Ctr
ENG  351  800  MWF  11:30 am- 12:25 pm     211 Marano Ctr
ENG  551  800  MWF  11:30 am- 12:25 pm     211 Marano Ctr

About Charles

Charles  was born and raised in Iowa. He received his B.A. from the University of Iowa and was a member of the Undergraduate Writer's Workshop. He received my MFA in poetry from the University of Oregon. He has had a lengthy career outside of academia which includes newspaper editor, community organizer (VISTA and Peace Corps), poet-in-the-schools, language school principal (Colombia) and owner/operator of  student travel company in Venice, California. Charles  has my work published in a number of journals including New Letters, The Massachusetts Review, The Northwest Review, and The Sou'wester to mention a few.