Faculty & Staff

Jacob Dodd, Assistant Professor


Office Hours

307 Poucher

Fall 2014 Schedule

CSS 235 810   Intro to Cinema Production TR 02:20 pm-03:40 pm CAMCTR 231
CSS 395 810   T:Cinematography TR 05:30 pm-06:50 pm PARK 212
ENG 286 8CF   Lab: Int Cinema/Scree T 06:15 pm-08:45 pm MAHAR 119
ENG 286 8CF   Int Cinema/Screen: CSSMaj:FYLC TR 11:10 am-12:30 pm MAHAR 119

Area(s) of Specialty: Jacob A. Dodd is an award-winning independent filmmaker who creates short films in 35mm, 16mm, and Super 8mm.  He specializes in docufiction filmmaking, traditional celluloid cinematography, experimental practices, and Film to HD post production workflows.  In 2009, Dodd completed Darkness There, a visual poem that explores Edgar Allan Poe’s dark romanticism through the blending of Poe’s life and stories with authentic historical artifacts. Dodd’s fascination lies in the linkage of time periods to examine both private and public oral histories. He uses traditional film techniques to bring forth a feeling of nostalgia, a transcendence of time, and a sense of the familiar.   His work has been recognized by the Virginia Film Festival, Athens International Film + Video Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival, Rosebud Film & Video Festival, the James River Film Festival, the Jacksonville Film Festival, and the DC Independent Film Festival.