Program Requirements and Information

The student must maintain a “B” average in course work.  No student may begin his or her culminating track (Part IV) without a “B” average or better.

Foreign language requirement:  There is no longer a foreign language requirement.

Students should begin the process of choosing their culminating tracks no later than after completing 12 hours of credit, in order to make satisfactory arrangements with faculty members and to receive adequate advice from the graduate committee.

Arrangements for teaching internships, including a draft course contract signed by student and prospective faculty member, should be filed with the English Department Graduate Director by the middle of the semester preceding that in which the internship will take place.

Those electing the option to strengthen their knowledge (i.e., one extra course and English 699) will need to describe and justify their plans at least one semester before their scheduled examination takes place, in order that reading lists, course work, and examination topics can be prepared.  Students will need to register for this option by filling out an “Independent Study” registration form with the faculty member directing their project.

Students electing to write a thesis will need to file an application with the English Department Graduate Committee, with topic, preliminary bibliography, and requested readers at least one semester before anticipated completion.  Each thesis will have a faculty director and two readers, one of whom may (with agreement by the Graduate Committee) be a member of the graduate faculty outside the English Department. More detailed descriptions and forms for each of the tracks are available in the English Graduate Office and should be obtained when students are ready to choose their culminating track.

Note that English graduate courses will normally be offered during Fall and Spring semesters in evenings or very late afternoons.  Summer offerings may be presented during the day.  It is anticipated that most students will take 9 or 12 hours of credit each academic year because of pressures of their employment elsewhere.  Normal progress towards the degree will, then, take a little less than three years, with one course taken each semester and one or two during the summer sessions, but individual variations from this pattern are, of course, to be expected.

Strict deadlines are enforced by the college for graduation.  When graduation is anticipated it is the student’s responsibility to obtain the “Graduate Diploma Application” form from the Graduate Office in Culkin Hall and file it in time to meet the deadline.

The Director of Graduate studies will act as the major adviser for all graduate students in the English department until the student selects an adviser in consultation with the Director.

A student should apply for degree candidacy by filling out an “Application for Admission to Candidacy For the Master’s Program” form (these forms are available from the Dean of Graduate Studies Office in Culkin Hall) when 12 to 15 hours of course work have been completed.