Being a Creative Writing Student

Creative Writing award winnersStaying active in the creative writing community is easy for students.  The college literary magazine, The Great Lake Review, welcomes dozens of editors in all genres-and publishes dozens of students across genres.  There are two active creative writing clubs, Writers Open Forum and The Creative Writing Club.

creative writing studentThe creative writing faculty offices open onto a common public space where students are encouraged to congregate and swap stories, poems, essays, screenplays and plays.  In this space are literary journals available for student use, free copies of The Writer's Chronicle, and notices for national and international undergraduate writing contests in various genres.


creative writing studentsNearby are small classrooms used for creative writing classes, state-of-the-art facilities that include multiple audio-visual and internet linkages.  In those classrooms student voices are valued, whether on the page or spoken aloud.



Writing in the digital age: "Not Just Paper"

Freshman creative writing major Karl Bertrand talks about writing and creativity in this original short film

Scholarships, Contests, and Awards

Every year the Creative Writing department offers a variety of scholarships, along with contests and awards that often provice cash prizes. Students can submit works in multiple genres and be eligible to be published. Students are highly encouraged to submit to national contests as well as local ones. For more information about scholarships, contests, and awards, click here.

Clubs and Activities

SUNY Oswego has many writing, editing, and critiquing opportunities for students. By joining one of the groups listed below, you can develop skills and writing samples that will help you professionally.  You'll also make friends that will last a lifetime!