Program Details

Download the list of courses offered for Fall 2011 (28 KB).

The following courses are offered on a regular basis:

English 286 - Introduction to Cinema and Screen Studies
A critical introduction to the analysis, theory and history of moving images, from nineteenth-century investigations of afterimages and stroboscopy to cinema, television, endoscopy, military and medical imaging, and new digital media.

English 386 - The Cinema
An extended inquiry into the question: "What is a film, what can it do?" Students will view a series of films and situate them in relation to: film history; the history of images and visuality; genre, directors and actors; narration, time, movement, memory and gesture; the economics of recording production; information and digitality.

English 388 - Film Genre
A history and analysis of film genre. The course will examine the notion of film genre as distinct from other notions of genre, in particular, literary genre. Special attention will be paid to horror, melodrama, film noir, musicals, science fiction and teen pics.

English 486 - World Cinema
A history and examination of, as well as an engagement with, cinema as a global phenomenon. The course will explore the idea, effects and institutions of many different cinemas, growing in different parts of the world, as these constitute both a single, global phenomenon and a set of independent existences and resistances. 

Creative Writing 201 - Screenwriting: Introductory

This introductory writing course covers the basics of the screenwriting genre with particular emphasis on structure and analysis popularized by mainstream Hollywood producers and studios. Using a variety of exercises, film clips and script samples, the course will culminate in the completion of the first act of an original screenplay (approximately 25 pages). No prerequisite.

CRW 301 - Screenwriting: Intermediate

This advanced screenwriting course focuses on plotting strategies and characterization that will help build the second act of a screenplay. Additional attention will be paid to treatments, storyboarding, step outlines and pitching. International film and less traditional narrative styles in screenwriting will be explored. The course will culminate in the completion of the first half of an original screenplay (approximately 50 pages). Prerequisite: CRW 201

BRC 235 - Digital Video Production
An introduction to the fundamentals of digital video production. 

BRC 465 - Dramatic Video Production

Students will work in a professional environment in which they will produce a dramatic film.  They will learn how to create a production schedule and budget, scouting and shooting on location, and non-linear post-production.  Prerequisite: BRC 235

In addition, students interested in film will find the following courses of interest:

Art 254, Critical Looking
Art 471, Contemporary Art Issues
Arts and Sciences 444, Semiotics
Broadcasting 400, Media and Society
Broadcasting 350, Women, Children, Minorities and the Media
Communications 375, Rhetoric of Film
English 220, Modern Culture and Media
English 387, Vision and Textuality
English 389, Documentary Traditions
English 487, Advanced Study in Film Theory
English 488, Auteur Studies
English 489, Women and Screen Studies
Physics 202, Light and Color