Degree Programs

General Program Information

The English and Creative Writing Department offers both major and minor programs, as well as certification and concentration programs for students who choose to become elementary or secondary school teachers. All of the programs offer intensive training in the interpretive skills necessary for careers in business, industry, and public service as well as public school and college teaching. The English and Creative Writing Department has created a curriculum that balances traditional studies in British and American literature with new intellectual developments in literary and cultural studies. Juniors and seniors often have the opportunity to enroll in courses that are cross-listed with the Master of Arts in English program.

Major in English (B.A. Degree)

Major In Creative Writing (B.A. Degree)

Major in Cinema & Screen Studies (B.A. Degree)

Master of Arts in English (M.A. Degree)

Other Programs offered in English
Other programs offered in English include the minor in English, minor in Creative Writing, a concentration in Childhood English Education and a certification in Adolescent English Education.