About Us

The SUNY-Oswego Department of English & Creative Writing serves students with its two undergraduate Bachelor of Arts programs, in English and in Creative Writing, the Masters of Arts in English program, three concentration programs in English for students with Elementary and Secondary English majors, and two minor programs in English and Creative Writing. The department also offers writing courses in its composition program that range from developmental writing to advanced expository writing. Each summer the department offers an extensive range of undergraduate literary and theory courses, as well as a program in English as a second language, attracting students from around the world.

The faculty includes widely published scholars, award-winning creative writers, and four winners of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. The Creative Writing program, one of the largest and best-staffed undergraduate writing programs in the United States, offers courses taught by fiction writers, poets, and playwrights whose publishing success has gone hand in hand with commitment to undergraduate teaching. The English faculty includes scholar-teachers whose publication activity ranges across the spectrum of literature in English and reflects a wide range of critical and theoretical interests. Courses in British, American, and other English-language literature are offered alongside courses that focus on women's studies, African-American, Native-American, African, and Middle Eastern literature, on film, literature for children, and popular culture. Courses in theory and literary criticism are integral to undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Department courses stress the importance of critical reading, writing, and research to provide students with a background suitable for many kinds of careers. These courses immerse students in reading and writing, encourage them to study literary history with accuracy and imagination, and prepare them with conceptual and interpretive skills so they can respond to the demands of a rapidly changing world. The curriculum emphasizes opportunities for interdisciplinary study, and integration of theoretical concerns into students' reading and writing lives.