words make a difference: an adaptable English major embarks on a career

Heather-Joy Wilson, class of 2012

I graduated with a BA in English from Oswego, and now, fortunately--or, depending visiting Londonon how you look at it, unfortunately--I live at home in Brooklyn, New York with my mother. At first I thought, "I won't have any more erratic trips, and life will be dull," but time has proven otherwise. I didn't expect it would work as seamlessly as it has, and I've found my situation is not as rare as I thought it would be.

I went into college knowing that after graduation, I wouldn't be financially stable enough to live on my own, and I expected to move back home to save money. Living at home with your parents as an undergrad is really simple, seeing as most of the time you're only there for major holidays and a weekend here and there. But as a grad, living at home has a sense of permanence. While looking for a job, having structure throughout the day is needed to feel sane. In school this structure was provided by the nature of my major, but writing is a solitary art, and you tend to write when inspiration hits you. If it doesn't appear, you do something else until it does. Making a schedule every day and adhering to it has helped a lot.

Currently, I have a temporary position at a fashion industry firm in New York City. It may become permanent, but I'm continuing my job search.  Being well versed in various fields is what I would say is most desirable to potential employers. As English majors, we are fluid and adapt easily to different environments because of the nature of our work. I think being involved on campus really stands out on your resume. One organization I'm interested in working for seeks to eradicate hunger in New York. As a job candidate, my being a part of Hurricane Katrina relief and Adopt-A-Grandparent shows that there is more to me as a person than just my academic record. I would say being involved in an organization that you care about is meaningful to an employer. When you care about what you're doing, you always do your best.

helping out with Hurricane Katrina relief

Sophomore year I had the opportunity to give back to others by helping with Hurricane Katrina relief. The joy that radiates from this picture is so real. New Orleans charmed my soul.

touring Park Guell in Barcelona

This was taken during a study abroad experience in Spain.  My friend Willy Bee and I are in Barcelona's Park Güell, on a guided tour. We were really excited to be there. Now it almost feels like it was a dream.