Career Changes

CAS Program Alumni

The Educational Administration Department is contacting our recent graduates (from 2007 to 2013) and asking everyone to complete a simple survey on where they are, and what they are doing.  Although all Educational Administration CAS Alumni are welcome to submit their information to our office.  Please take a moment to complete our Career Update FormLoading... (Click on link).

updated 8/26/14

Michele Alagna '14,  CSE Chairperson at Belleville-Henderson PreK-12, Jefferson-Lewis BOCES (8/26/14)

Alfred Angeleri '12, Primary Music Specialist, Ministry of Education Singapore, Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)

Marjory Ball-Williams '14, E-Learning Coordinator, Jefferson-Lewis BOCES (8/26/14)

Julie Bearup '14, Instructional Specialist-Mathematics, Mexico CSD (8/26/14)

Doreen Bergman '14, School Library System Coordinator, OCM BOCES (8/26/14)

Anne Marie Bertram '14, Regional Coach for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Jefferson-Lewis BOCES (8/26/14)

Rebecca Chynoweth '13, Vice Principal, McKinley Brighton ES, Syracuse City SD (6/24/14)

Kasey Dolson '14, High School Principal, Liverpool CSD (6/20/14)

Lisa Freitag '14, Elementary Principal/CSE Chairperson, Thousand Islands CSD (8/26/14)

James Giancursio '15, 7-12 Assistant Principal,  Midlakes Middle/High School, Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD (7/10/14)

Jeffrey Ginger '14, Assistant HS Principal, Watertown City SD (8/26/14)

Michael Jorgensen '14, Assistant Principal, Director of Special Programs, AA Gates ES and Director of Special Programs, Port Byron CSD (7/1/14)

Joanne Keim '14, PBL Coordinator, OCM BOCES (8/26/14)

Chad Luther '14, High School Principal, South Lewis CSD (8/26/14)

Eric Luther '14, Elementary Principal & CSE Chairperson, Harrisville CSD (8/26/14)

Jason Nephew '14, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Cicero-North Syracuse CSD (8/26/14)

Pamela Ratliff '14, Assistant K-12 Principal, Copenhagen CS (8/26/14)

Brian Read '14, Assistant Principal, North-Rose Wolcott CSD (8/26/14)

Emily Remington '14, Assistant Principal, Carthage CSD (8/26/14)

Jeanette Rushford '14, Assistant Supervisor, Jefferson-Lewis BOCES (8/26/14)

Heather Silvia '14, Principal, Donlin Drive ES, Liverpool CSD (7/10/14)

Erica Sinicropi '13, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Waterloo Central School District (9/4/14)

Michael Wurster '13, Assistant Principal & District Data Coordinator, Union Springs CSD (12/1/13)

Eric Vaillancourt '13, Assistant Principal, Oliver MS, Brockport CSD (5/30/14)

Career Change Updates may be emailed to the Educational Administration Dept. Please provide your name and year graduated. Thank you.