Career Changes

CAS Program Alumni

The Educational Administration Department is contacting our graduates and asking everyone to complete a simple survey on where they are, and what they are doing.  Please take a moment to complete our to provide update to Ed. Admin. Dept.

updated 05/27/15

Kris Denton '15, Assistant Principal, Baldwinville CSD (7/1/15)

Daniel Doore '15, Assistant Principal, Waterloo HS, Waterloo CSD (6/19/15)

Timothy Patterson '15, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist, OCM BOCES (7/1/15)

Cheryl Rogers '15, Principal, McEvoy Center, OCM BOCES. (4/9/15)

Jessica Silsbury '15, Assistant Principal, Spencerport HS, Spencerport CSD (5/27/15)

Micheal Wurster '13, Principal, Union Springs Middle School, Union Springs CSD (7/1/15)

Career Change Updates may be emailed to the Educational Administration Dept.  Please provide your name and year graduated. Thank you.