Meteorology Awards

Honors Program
The SUNY Oswego Meteorology Program offers an Honors in Meteorology which involves a honors independent study (primary research project), and requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or higher and a minimum cumulative average of 3.2 in the major.

Highly Meritorious Meteorology Senior Award
The SUNY Oswego Meteorology Program offers Highly Meritorious Meteorology Senior Awards to the top graduating seniors.

Outstanding Meteorology Senior
An anonymous donor has endowed an award for the Outstanding Meteorology Senior.

AMS Scholarships
Various scholarships are available from the American Meteorology Society. Past winners from Oswego include the Howard T. Orville Scholarship and the AMS/Industry Undergraduate Scholarship. One of our graduates won an AMS/Industry Graduate Fellowship.

For information on these awards see AMS Scholarships and Fellowships