Faculty and Research

Our goal is to prepare undergraduate students for advanced graduate work and for jobs in the industry and government. Recent graduates have obtained employment in The National Weather Service, private forecasting companies, and broadcast meteorology. We also provide students from other SUNY Oswego departments with a basic education in the earth and atmospheric sciences.

Experience in the field, proficiency in the laboratory, and familiarity with complex computer modeling are all essential to success in the SUNY Oswego instructional programs—and will serve all of our students well in their future careers.

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Dr. Alfred Stamm, Distinguished Service Professor
Phone: (315) 312-2806, Office: Shineman 337

Dr. Steven Skubis, Assistant Professor
Phone: (315)312-2799, Office: Shineman 341

Dr. Scott Steiger, Associate Professor
Phone: (315)312-2802, Office: Shineman 366