This challenging field of study integrates interdisciplinary coursework in a variety of ways depending on individual student interests.  We offer opportunities for field work as well as laboratory experimentation and modeling closely guided by SUNY Oswego faculty members.

The Meteorology Program

An applied science, meteorology requires practitioners to use the basic tools of mathematics and physics in the investigation and understanding of fascinating and sometimes dangerous atmospheric phenomena.

The B.S. degree in Meteorology requires courses in meteorology, chemistry, physics, calculus, computer science, and others. The B.S. degree meets all recommendations of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Service. In addition, students are advised to enhance their educational preparation and employment prospects by pursuing a double major in meteorology and chemistry, physics, math or computer science. Meteorology majors find it relatively easy to pursue a minor in physics, chemistry or mathematics.

Earth Sciences Certification General Science Extension-Adolescence: 7-12

Why study Meteorology at Oswego?

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