Geology Research

Petrology students in the Piedmont 2014

Faculty and students at Oswego participate in collaboration on a wide range of topics.  The results of these projects are often presented at regional and national conferences.  Student research is an important part of the curriculum in the Geology program and the record of awards and presentations support the high quality of research that students complete.  Below are a list of some recent and ongoing research topics underway in our department.

  • Geomagnetic analysis of concealed faults and graben, Adirondack Mountains.
  • Paleoecological signal of the End Devonian Mass Extinction.
  • Hydrogeochemistry and the geochemical record of climate change in the western U.S. Great Basin.
  • Petrogenesis of granitic rocks in southwestern Maine.
  • Tectonic evolution of the Proterozoic Adirondacks and Hudson Highlands.
  • Strike-slip shear zones in the mid-Atlantic Piedmont
  • The biology and sedimentology of low oxgyen depositional settings.
  • Forensic Ground Penetrating Radar.