About Us

Columnar Joint Basalt From Iceland Trip

The Geology Programs at Oswego are committed to the intellectual, personal and professional growth of our students. We offer BS and BA programs in Geology, B.S. in Environmental Earth Sciences, a BS in Geochemistry (offered jointly with the Chemistry Department) and a Minor program in Geology. 

We provide a broad background in the geosciences, appropriate for a wide range of career paths, as well as providing the opportunity to specialize.  We rely heavily on the use of real world applications and the idea of learning through doing, specifically getting students out into the field to collect and manipulate data first hand to provide insight into both general and explicit geological concepts.

Geology Program Highlights

Our focus on field experiences includes our own geological field program and all of our courses have field trips to provide students with plenty of hands-on experiences in geology.

Courses within the Geology program are small, typically less than 20 students per class.  This, along with significant time in the field with faculty members, results in close student-faculty relationships. 

Student-faculty-professional interaction is enabled as every Oswego geology student completes either an independent research project under the direction of a faculty advisor or an internship under the combined guidance of a professional in the field and a faculty member.  These experiences ensure that our students are among the best prepared in the nation for careers in the geological sciences.