B.S. Geology Track II

Environmental Earth Sciences


The Department of Earth Sciences is very excited to now offer an Environmental Earth Sciences B.S. This is an interdisciplinary degree that is designed to give students the solid Geoscience background that industry professionals are looking for, but allows flexibility within the program for students to customize their experience. This degree program draws course content from geology, meteorology, chemistry, physics, and biological sciences to prepare students for success in a wide range of exciting and relevant careers and graduate study. Click here for the requirements for this degree program.

            Some of the most important issues facing our society today including climate change, sustainability of natural resources and our understanding of the anthropogenic effect on our dynamic planet require an Earth Science perspective. This degree is designed to provide the background for enthusiastic students to successfully pursue careers investigating the causes and finding solutions for these important issues.

            The U.S. Bureau of Labor and statistics projects that jobs in the field of Environmental Earth Science are projected to increase by 19% between 2010-2020, which is much higher than other occupations. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, beginning salary offers in May 2010 for graduates with bachelor's degrees in an environmental science averaged $61,700 a year.


Dr. Diana Boyer
Environmental Earth Sciences Program Director