Degree Programs

General Information

Geology and Environmental Earth Sciences

Oswego's geology programs prepares students for a wide range of careers in geology, engineering, environmental science and other fields. Roughly two thirds of our graduates go on to graduate school.

There are two degree tracks within the BS Geology program.  A traditional BS Geology degree provides a broad-based, solid foundation in Earth and the Environmental applications.  The major has at its focus a strong core of traditional geology courses and requires at least two semesters each of calculus, chemistry, and physics. We also offer a BA in Geology.  BS in Environmental Earth Sciences is the second track.  It also includes a solid foundation in the geosciences, but is focused in interdisciplinary study in the environmental sciences with course options in atmospheric science, chemistry, biology and physics.  This degree track is for students that have a desire to work in the environmental science industry or attend an environmental science program in graduate school.


The BS in Geochemistry combines extensive chemistry and geology course work to train individuals who will be able to conduct and supervise a variety of projects in geochemical applications, such as geochemical exploration, environmental management and power plant studies. Graduates of this program are well prepared for entering graduate school, either in geochemistry or geology, because of the emphasis placed on laboratory techniques and instrumentation.


An applied science, meteorology requires practitioners to use the basic tools of mathematics and physics in the investigation and understanding of fascinating and sometimes dangerous atmospheric phenomena.

The B.S. degree meets all recommendations of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Service. In addition, students are advised to enhance their educational preparation and employment prospects by pursuing a double major in meteorology and chemistry, physics, math or computer science. Meteorology majors find it relatively easy to pursue a minor in physics, chemistry or mathematics.