Curriculum and Instruction Advisement Center

Sheldon Hall

C&I Undergraduate Advisement Office

213 Hewitt Union
Telephone: 315.312.5641   
Fax:  315.312.5446


The Curriculum and Instruction Advisement Center is available to all Childhood Education 1-6, Adolescence Education 7-12 and the TESOL Education K-12 teacher candidates as a resource as they navigate their majors. The Advisement Center can aid students in choosing appropriate courses, help foster a relationship with the department and advisors, as well as provide the tools to make informed decisions about career and life goals.



Advisement Coordinators for Adolescence Education, Childhood Education, and TESOL majors:   


Graduate Assistant Advisors: Spring 2014 

  • Philip Evangelista, Graduate Assistant Advisor. History MA
  • Nicola Milone, Graduate Assistant Advisor. Literacy Education, B-6 MS
  • Maria Williams, Graduate Assistant Advisor. Special Education, 1-6 MS
  • Kristen Zylka, Graduate Assistant Advisor. Literacy Education, B-6 MS

Office Hours for Spring 2014: 
Monday: 8:30-4:30 pm
Tuesday: 8:30-4:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:30-4:30 pm
Thursday: 8:30-6:00 pm
Friday: 8:30-3:30 pm

*To schedule an appointment call 315.312.5641, stop by 213 Hewitt Union, or use the links listed above.





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Important SOE 397/597 (DASA Workshop) Information

SOE 397/597 -- DASA Workshop -- has been added to the SUNY Oswego course availability. Students should be able to resiter themselves via myOswego from now until 28 March 2014. This date would allow those returining from overseas placement an opportunity to take it through SUNY Oswego. The cost through SUNY Oswego is $75.

There is another DASA training offered through Oswego County BOCES on March 13, 2014 OR March 19, 2014 in Fulton, NY. More information at

*** If you take this workshop through BOCES, you will need to bring your original cerificate of completion from the course, with your student ID# on the back, and submit it to Shelly St. John or Gale Law-Folds at the Registrar's Office (3rd floor of Culkin Hall). This is the only way to have it become part of your records here. ***


MATH 106/206 Proficiency Exam for Childhood Education Majors:

Passing the childhood education Math Proficiency test is a prerequisite for enrollment in Mat106. For general information or a sample test, click here

The Proficiency Exam is offered twice each semester. No calculators allowed, bring pencils and student ID, arrive 10-15 minutes early to register for the exam. Contact Maggie Tiballi,, with any questions. 

Curriculum & Instruction Field Experiences
All C&I Adolescence, TESOL and Childhood Education candidates taking "block" classes must register for field placement online and also attend a "sign-up day" with the Field Placement Office the scheduled times posted on the Placement Office website. The sign-up will take 15 minutes to complete.

Field Placement Spring 2014 Block One Orientation Meeting:
Friday, January 31, 2014
Location: Campus Center Room 114
Orientation Times:
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM OR 12:00 Noon - 2:30 PM
(You are only required to attend one of these sessions.)

Note:  Please take a pen, a copy of your detailed course schedule, and both a photo ID and driver's license to sign-ups.  All C&I candidates who are registered for an EDU303/503 field experience will be responsible for attending two important meetings during the Block One Semester.*     

*Updated dates and times for Field Placement meetings are available on the Field Placement Office website.

Student Teacher Application Information 

  • Students may access the student teaching application through Tk20, usually at the end of their second block semester.
  • Student teaching applications are due early in the semester prior to student teaching, usually during the third block semester.
  • A current, accurate professional resume and cover letter are part of the student teaching application. For assistance with a resume or cover letter utilize both Optimal Resume and the Career Services Office.
  • Students are asked for hometown locations and on-campus living locations. Students will indicate their placement location preferences.
  • All student teaching application materials must be submitted to the appropriate office(s) before the deadline. Students must also fill out a placement card with the Field Placement Office.


Student Teacher Orientation Meetings

Spring 2014 Student Teachers:

  • Meeting One date: Thursday, January 23 (snow date: January 24), 2014. Students meet at 9 a.m. Location TBA (Q3).
  • Meeting Two date: Friday, March 21, 2014. Students meet at 9 a.m. Location TBA (Q4). 



April/May 2014 (Doc)

March 2014 (Doc)

January/February 2014 (Doc)

November/December 2013 (Doc) 

October 2013 (Doc)

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Advisement and Checklists

Student Guidebook DRAFT (PDF)

These downloadable advisement forms for undergraduate programs are in Microsoft Word format.

Childhood 1-6: The Arts, GE 21 (.doc 40k)

Childhood 1-6: English, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Childhood 1-6: Mathematics, GE 21 (.doc 33k)

Childhood 1-6: Modern Language, GE 21 (.doc 33k)

Childhood 1-6: Science, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Childhood 1-6: Social Studies, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Childhood 1-6: Women's Studies, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Adolescence 7-12: Biology, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Adolescence 7-12: Chemistry, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Adolescence 7-12: Earth Science, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Adolescence 7-12: English, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Adolescence 7-12: Modern Languages, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Adolescence 7-12: Mathematics, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Adolescence 7-12: Physics, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Adolescence 7-12: Social Studies, GE 21 (.doc 30k)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (K-12), GE 21 (.doc 30k)

***Please note that the Honors Checklists do not yet reflect Honors "21" requirements***

Honors Adolescence 7-12 Biology (.doc 30k)

Honors Adolescence 7-12 Chemistry (.doc 30k)

Honors Adolescence 7-12 Earth Science (.doc 30k)

Honors Adolescence 7-12 English (.doc 30k)

Honors Adolescence 7-12 Foreign Language (.doc 30k)

Honors Adolescence 7-12 Mathematics (.doc 30k)

Honors Adolescence 7-12 Physics (.doc 30k)

Honors Adolescence 7-12 Social Studies (.doc 30k)

Honors Childhood 1-6 Biology (.doc 30k)

Honors Childhood 1-6 English (.doc 30k)

Honors Childhood 1-6 Foreign Language (.doc 30k)

Honors Childhood 1-6 Mathematics (.doc 30k)

Honors Childhood 1-6 Science (.doc 30k)

Honors Childhood 1-6 Social Studies (.doc 30k)

Honors Childhood 1-6 Women's Studies (.doc 30k)

Graduate Studies Programs

Graduate Studies Programs in the Curriculum & Instruction Department include:


-Curriculum & Instruction: Professional Certification
-Literacy (Birth-Grade 6) 
-Literacy (Grades 5-12)
-MAT Art K-12 
-MST Initial Teacher Certification in Childhood Education (1-6)  
-MST Initial Teacher Certification in Adolescence Education (7-12)  
*(Content areas include: English, Mathematics, French, German, Spanish, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics). 
-Special Education (Grades 1-6): Initial Certification
-Special Education (Grades 1-6): Professional Certification  

For additional information on our programs, please visit the Graduate Studies page at: