About Us

A Brief History

The Computer Science Department is one of the oldest registered programs in New York. It was approved on campus in 1969, and approved by SUNY Central and registered by the State Education Department in 1970.

The first student graduated in 1971. Today the programs affiliated with our department comprise areas as diverse as software engineering, cognitive science, information science and human-computer interaction.

In 1988 a multidisciplinary committee designed the Information Science major, the second such registered program in New York. In 1990, SUNY Oswego began offering programs that might be completed with evening courses only -- and the Information Science Evening Degree Program was the second degree offered.

Beginning in 1995, the Computer Science Department delivered the first course SUNY Oswego offered via distance learning.

The Department switched to Java as its primary programming language in 1995.

(Dr. Oebele Van Dyk, the founder and first chair, has written a reminiscence of the early years.)