Degree Programs

Computer Science, by its very nature, requires mathematical precision and the rigorous application of the formalisms of logic. Both the Baccalaureate of Arts (BA) and the Baccalaureate of Science (BS) combine a sound theoretical foundation with a high level of practical experience across a broad range of the discipline. Both include an emphasis on software engineering courses.

The BS provides extra opportunity to explore rigorous computation, and requires that the student select courses which form an approved concentration (e.g., software systems, artificial intelligence, game development). The range of coursework encourages greater experimentation in the field of Computer Science, and demands a strong foundation in the field of Mathematics. Aspects of the BS program require a strong commitment to scientific principles -- beyond that expected of even expert systems programmers or software engineers.

In this context, the BA is a more approachable in-road to a career in computing.

Minor in Computer Science

The minor focuses on the fundamental skills necessary for programming and algorithm design. As such, it can form a rigorous base for those students whose primary interests will include significant use and/or assessment of computer software and hardware systems. These areas include financial, governmental, legal, and scientific fields.