About Communication Studies Faculty

Assistant Professor Jessica Reeher


E-mail: Jessica.Reeher@oswego.edu

Office: 15 Lanigan Hall

Office Extension: (315) 312-3518

 Advisement Coordinator &
Communication and Social Interaction (CSI) Area Coordinator

Office Hours:
Monday 1:00-2:30
Wednesday 2:00-3:30 or by appointment 
Jessica's Appointment Calendar

Fall 2015 Schedule:
COM 302 800:  MWF 10:20 am-11:15 am - 203 Mahar
COM 360 800:  MWF 9:10 am-10:05 am - 203 Mahar

M.S. Speech Communication, Syracuse University
B.S. Speech Communication, Syracuse University

Area(s) of Speciality:
Rhetoric and Popular Culture, Feminist Rhetoric, Political Communication, Public Address

Research Interests:
Popular Cuture, Women in Politics

Recent Publication or Presentation:
"Darkness on the Horizon: Violence and Villany in America; Constructing Violence in Harry Potter" 2010, Eastern CommunicationAssociation
"Big Problems Come in Small Packaging: Teaching Microinequities in the Classroom" 2010, Eastern Communication Association
"The Rhetoric of Harry Potter in Instructional Communication" 2009, Eastern Communication Association
"Making a Difference: Using "Reel" World Examples of Nonverbal Communication Through Popular TV and Movies" 2008, Eastern Communication Association
"Transformation in Process:  Cindy Sheehean and the "Bring Them Home Now" Tour"  2006, Eastern  Communication Association
"Perpetuating Fear? A Narrative Criticism of Time Magazine Covers following September 11th" 2002, Eastern Communication Association
"Blasting Gender with a Six-Button Controller: A Feminist Critique of Video Game Advertisements" 2001, Eastern Communication Association
"Michigan Women in Debate: An Analysis of the use of the Feminine Style in Debate" 2001, Easter Communication Association