Department of Communication Studies

Faculty and Staff Directory

Communication Studies at SUNY Oswego boasts an outstanding faculty who are committed to a high standard of teaching and service to the college community. We strive to build a learning-centered community where the discovery of knowledge plays an important role in every student's academic career. You'll find Oswego faculty working closely with individual students and student organizations to further our central mission: fostering effective communication.


Joshua Adams






Michael Backus


 Mallory Bower


Jason Becker



Jeffrey Bradbury


Sarah Bozek










Denise Casey


David Cridder


Linda Daley


Deshawna Debadts - Keyboard Specialist II



Arvind Diddi - Journalism Area Coordinator





Denise DiRienzo


Thomas Downs



Kristen Eichhorn


Ted Emmanuel



Jill Ennis


Jennifer Fogel

Eileen Gilligan


Steve Granelli


Gabor Hardy


Christine Hirsch - CSI Area Coordinator


Christopher Hockey


Peter Hunn


Taejin Jung

Marvin Kaminsky


Jennifer Knapp - Chairperson/Public Relations Coordinator




James Lerch


Marybeth Longo  

Michael Masucci



Amy McHugh


Ulises Mejias

Keith Meyer


Patrick Moochler - Broadcast Engineer

























David Moody - Internship Coordinator/Media Summit/Broadcast Area Coordinator


Penny Morley




Tim Nekritz


Jessica Reeher - Advisement Coordinator


Shelly Reifke - Secretary 1



Michael Riecke


Gary Ritzenthaler


Judith Roberts


Woomie Shim


Maggie Simone



John Kares Smith

Bailey Smith

Mary C. Toale

Jane Winslow

Jason Zenor