Undergraduate Programs

The department houses bachelor of science degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry, a bachelor of arts in Chemistry, and minors in Chemistry and Forensic science (joint program with Public Justice).  

What Can I Do with a Chemistry/Biochemistry Degree: Chemistry  / Biochemistry

Here are links to the requirements for each of the majors and minors.

B.S. Chemistry  Advisement Information   Current Catalog Information
B.S. Chemistry: Environmental Track   Advisement Information   Current Catalog Information
B.S. Biochemistry  Advisement Information   Current Catalog Information
B.A. Chemistry  Advisement Information   Current Catalog Information
Minor in Chemistry     Current Catalog Information
Minor in Forensic Science     Current Catalog Information

If you would like help with advising, please contact Kristin Gublo, the advisement coordinator in room G02A Shineman.