Faculty and Staff

James L. Seago

Title: Professor Emeritus of Biology (taught 1968-2014)

Knox College, BA in Biology
Miami University, MA in Botany
University of Illinois, PhD in Botany

My interests include: plant anatomy and development; root apical meristems; structural adaptations of plants to wetland habitats, esp., invasive vs. native plants; treesand shrubs of Oswego. Plants I continue to study include, but are not limited to: water lilies of the world, Gunnera of the southern hemisphere, grasses of the Yangtze River floodplain, and the living fossil Ginkgo. I work with colleagues in the Czech Republic, China, Canada, Brazil, SUNY ESF, and SUNY Oswego and with former students on the department's Zeiss laser confocal microscope and Zeiss Stemi2000 dissecting scope.

Recent Publications:
Yang, C., X Zhang, J Li, M. Bao, D. Ni, and J. L. Seago, Jr. 2014. Anatomy and histochemistry of roots and shoots in wild rice (Zizania latifolia Griseb.). Journal of Botany 181727: 1-9.

Seago, J. L., Jr., and Danilo D. Fernando. 2013. Anatomical aspects of angiosperm root evolution. Annals of Botany 112: 223-238.

Yang, Choadong, Xia Zhang, Cunyu Zhou, and James L. Seago, Jr. 2011. Root and stem  anatomy and histochemistry of four grasses from the Jianghan floodplain along the Yangtze River, China. Flora 206: 653-661.

Meyer, C. J., J. L. Seago, Jr., and C. A. Peterson. 2009. Environmental effects on the maturation of the endodermis and multiseriate exodermis of Iris germanica roots. Annals of Botany 103: 687-702.

Heimsch, C., and J.L. Seago, Jr. 2008. Organization of the root apical meristem in angiosperms. American Journal of Botany 95: 1-21. Invited Special Paper.

Soukup, A., J. L. Seago, Jr., and O. Votrubová. 2005. The developmental anatomy of the root cortex of the basal monocotyledon, Acorus calamus (Acorales, Acoraceae). Annals of Botany 96: 379-385.

Seago, J.L., Jr., L. C. Marsh, K. Stevens, A. Soukup, O. Votrubová, D. E. Enstone. 2005. Review: A re-examination of the root cortex of wetland flowering plants with respect to aerenchyma. Annals of Botany 96: 565-579.

Seago, J.L., Jr., and Marilyn A. Seago. 2004. Development and structure of the root cortex in adventitious roots of Nymphoides (Menyanthaceae). Biologia , Bratislava Suppl.: 59: 49-56.

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