Dr. James L. Seago, Jr.

Recent Publications, Presentations & Posters

 Oswego students when work done in bold; University of Waterloo and Charles Universitystudents underlined.

Yang, Chaodong, Xia Zhang, Junkai Li, Manzhu Bao, Dejiang Ni, and James L. Seago, Jr. 2014.Anatomy and histochemistry of roots and shoots in wild rice (Zizania latifolia Griseb.). Journalof Botany In Press: Jan 2014.

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Yang, Choadong, Xia Zhang, Cunyu Zhou, and James L. Seago, Jr. 2011. Root and stemanatomy and histochemistry of four grasses from the Jianghan floodplain along the YangtzeRiver, China. Flora 206: 653-661.

Meyer, C. J., J. L. Seago, Jr., and C. A. Peterson. 2009. Environmental effects on the maturationof the endodermis and multiseriate exodermis of Iris germanica roots. Annals of Botany 103:687-702.

Heimsch, C., and J.L. Seago, Jr. 2008. Organization of the root apical meristem in angiosperms.American Journal of Botany 95: 1-21. Invited Special Paper.

Seago, J.L., Jr., L. C. Marsh, K. Stevens, A. Soukup, O. Votrubová, D. E. Enstone. 2005.Review: A re-examination of the root cortex of wetland flowering plants with respect toaerenchyma. Annals of Botany 96: 565-579.

Soukup, A., J. L. Seago, Jr., and O. Votrubová. 2005. The developmental anatomy of the rootcortex of the basal monocotyledon, Acorus calamus (Acorales, Acoraceae). Annals of Botany96: 379-385.

Seago, J.L., Jr., and Marilyn A. Seago. 2004. Development and structure of the root cortex inadventitious roots of Nymphoides (Menyanthaceae). Biologia , Bratislava Supplement.: 59: 45-56.

McManus, H.A., J.L. Seago, Jr., and L.C. Marsh. 2002. Epifluorescent and histochemical aspectsof shoot anatomy of Typha latifolia L., Typha angustifolia L., and Typha glauca Godr. Annals ofBotany 90: 489-493.

Seago, J.L., Jr. 2002. The root cortex in the Nymphaeaceae, Cabombaceae, and Nelumbonaceae.Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 129: 1-9.

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Seago, J.L., Jr., C.A. Peterson, and D.E. Enstone. 1999. Cortical ontogeny in roots of the aquaticplant, Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L. Canadian Journal of Botany 77: 113-121.

Talks or posters which I or former students have delivered at national or internationalprofessional meetings in last 10 years. Former Oswego students in bold, former CharlesUniversity and University of Waterloo students underlined. *=presenter

Seago, James L.*, Aleš Soukup, Olga Votrubová, and Livia Wanntorp. 2012. Some uniquestructural features of the basal core eudicot, Gunnera. Botanical Society of America, Columbus,OH.

Seago, James L., Jr. 2012. Anatomical aspects of angiosperm root evolution. International RootResearch Society Meetings, Dundee, Scotland.

Yang, Chaodong, Xia Zhang, Cunyu Zhou, and James L. Seago*. 2010. Root and stem anatomyof four grasses in the Yangtze River Jianghan Floodplain. Botanical Society of America,Providence RI.

Seago, James*. 2009. Anatomical features of some selected basal angiosperms. BotanicalSociety of America, Snowbird, UT.Seago, James*. 2008. Adaptations of the aquatic plant, Rorippa officinale, to its stream habitatin summer and winter. Botanical Society of America, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Seago, James*. 2007. Anatomy of Trapa natans and Justicia americana in riverine habitats.Botanical Society of America, Chicago, IL.

Eyres, W.B.*, J. Seago, K. Mohamed, and D. Fernando. 2005. A survey of root and shootadaptations of aquatic and amphibious Angiosperms. XVII International Botanical Congress,Vienna, Austria. Poster

Seago, J.L.*, and L. C. Marsh. 2005. Adaptative strategies of aquatic Basal Angiosperms and Monocots. XVII International Botanical Congress, Vienna, Austria. Poster

Seago, James L., Jr.*, Olga Votrubová, Aleš Soukup, Kevin Stevens, Daryl Enstone, andLeland Marsh. 2004 The development and structure of root aerenchyma in wetland floweringplants. 7th INTECOL Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Soukup, A.*, J. L. Seago, Jr., and O Votrubová. 2003. The developmental anatomy of the rootcortex of the basal Monocotyldeon, Acorus calamus. 6th International Symposium on Structureand Function in Roots, Stará Lesná, Slovakia. Poster

Seago, J. L.* 2003. Structural adaptations of roots and rhizomes to wetland habitats. Invitedsymposium talk at Botanical Society of America, Mobile, AL.

Stiles, Jeffrey C.*, Brian Wheat, Kin Foong, and James L. Seago. 2003. Aspects of rootdevelopment in GMO cotton and corn. Botanical Society of America, Mobile, AL.

Seago, James L., Jr.*, and Marilyn A. Seago. 2003. Development and structure of the root cortexin different roots of Nymphoides (Menyanthaceae). 6th International Symposium on Structure andFunction of Roots, Staré Lesná, Slovakia.