Faculty and Staff

James L. Seago

Title: Professor of Biology

Knox College, BA in Biology
Miami University, MA in Botany
University of Illinois, PhD in Botany

Areas of Specialty for Research and Teaching:
Plant anatomy and development; root apical meristems; structural adaptations of plants to wetland habitats, esp., invasive vs. native plants; trees and shrubs of Oswego, NY.

The roles of research in undergraduate classes and programs.

Classes Taught:
Plant Kingdom; Plants and Society; Environmental and Population Biology; Evolution; Trees and Shrubs; Research in Plant Development, etc.; Seminar

2004 Merit Award of the Botanical Society of America for Outstanding Contributions to the Botanical Sciences
See www.botany.org/awards_grants/detail/bsamerit.php#04

2006 Centennial Award of the Botanical Society of America in Honor of Exemplary Service to the Plant Sciences
See www.botany.org/awards_grants/detail/centennial.php

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