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Ph.D., Plant Ecology and Systematics, Old Dominion University
M.S., Soil Microbiology, Department of Botany, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Sudan
B.S., (Agric.) Honors, Class I. Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum

Area(s) of Specialty: Plant systematics, Plant Ecology, and Economic Botany

Research Interests: The biology and systematics of parasitic plants. Ecological niche modeling of noxious weeds and invasive plants under present-day and future climate change scenarios.


Courses taught at Oswego

Bio 101, General Biology

Bio 110, Biology Seminar

Bio 112, College Biology I

Bio 340, Plant Kingdom

Bio 341  sec 800 Plants & Society

Bio341 sec 820 Plants & Society

Bio 357, Plant Systematics & Local Flora

Bio 358, Plant Ecology

Bio 492/592, Research in Plant Biology

Bio 492/592, Research in the Biology of Parasitic Plants

Bio 492/592, Problems in Biology: Field Ecology

Important Links