Department of Biological Sciences

MacKenzie Research Lab

Students may Inquire Here if you are interested in any of the following research positions.

Active Projects

  1. Physiological and proteomic assessment of children with cardiovascular changes due to exposure of environmental toxicants
    • Various environmental toxicants have been shown to correlate with hypertension and cardiovascular reactivity children.
    • The goals of this project are
      • To determine the role of vasotone mediators and oxidant stress.
      • To characterize the plasma proteome of children with various toxicant levels.
    • In collaboration with Dr. Brooks Gump (Department of Health and Wellness, Syracuse University) and Dr. Kestas Bendinskas (Department of Chemistry, SUNY Oswego).
    • Currently funded by an NIH RO1 award (1R01ES023252-01A1; $1,809,000 for 2013-2016) and previously funded by an NIH Academic Research Enhancement Award Grant (R15) and the MERCK/AAAS Undergraduate Research Program
  2. Protein Targeting to Mitochondria
    • Most all mitochondrial proteins are encoded in the nucleus and must be properly synthesized and imported to be fully functional.
    • The goal of this project is to identify the mechanisms involved in the import of mitochondrial proteins.
  3. Any project that a student wants to use molecular, cellular, or biochemical techniques to answer questions on a topic of their choosing. I highly encourage students to develop their own projects.