Faculty and Staff

John W. Laundré

Title: Visiting Instructor


Ph.D. Idaho State University, 1979
M.S. Northern Michigan Univeristy, 1974
B.S. University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, 1971

Areas of Specialty: 
Wildlife Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation

Research Interests: 
Wildlife Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation

Recent Publications:  

Hernández, L., J.W. Laundré, A. González-Romero, J. López-Portillo, and K.M. Grajales. 2011. A tale of two metrics: density and biomass in a desert rodent community, do they tell the same story? Journal of Mammalogy 92: 840-851.

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Laundré, J.W.
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Laundré, J.W.
2005.  Puma energetics, a recalculation.  Journal of Wildlife Management 69:723-732.

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